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Meet our Steering Committee.

  • Cynthia Bowman, Law School
  • Alice Eagly, Psychology Department (WCAS)
  • Holly Falk-Krzesinski, Directory of Life & Biomedical Science Strategic Initiatives (Office of Research) / Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, & Cell Biology Department (WCAS)
  • Sarah Fraser, Art History (WCAS)
  • Christine Froula, English Department (WCAS)
  • Marcia Gealy, Writing Program (WCAS)
  • Hilary Godwin, Chemistry Department (WCAS)
  • Darlene Clark Hine, History Department / African-American Studies Department (WCAS)
  • Penny Hirsch, Writing Program (WCAS)
  • Donna Jurdy, Department of Geological Sciences (WCAS)
  • Lucille Kerr, Department of Spanish & Portugeuse (WCAS)
  • Judy Ledgerwood, Art Theory and Practice (WCAS)
  • Sara Maza, History (WCAS)
  • Nancy MacLean, History (WCAS)
  • Sara Monoson, Political Science / Classics (WCAS)
  • Rae Moses, Linguistics Department (WCAS)
  • Frances Paden, Program in Gender Studies / Writing Program (WCAS)
  • Sylvie Romanowski, Department of French and Italian (WCAS)
  • Neena Schwartz, Department of Neurobiology and Physiology (WCAS)
  • Barbara Shwom, Writing Program (WCAS)
  • Janine Spencer, Director of the Multimedia Learning Center / French and Italian Department (WCAS)
  • Kathleen Thelen, Political Science Department (WCAS)
  • Mimi White, Radio/Television/Film (School of Communications)
  • Jane Winston, Director of the Program in Gender Studies / French & Italian Department (WCAS)
  • Ellen Wright, Writing Program (WCAS)