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Advocacy Groups


The Organization of Women Faculty is established at Northwestern University.


OWF successfully lobbies for the creation of the Northwestern University Women's Center. In response to strenuous lobbying by OWF, the University establishes a campus Women's Center to counsel faculty, students and staff on issues surrounding sexual harassment, sexual assault, childhood sexual abuse, relationship violence, discrimination, sexual orientation, racial or ethnic isolation, and other matters related to being a woman at Northwestern.


The position of Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs is created to monitor issues related to women faculty, as well as to oversee all other faculty matters.


Committee on Women in the Academic Community (COWAC) established: In 1991, OWF, in conjunction with the General Faculty Committee (GFC), urged the administration to create a Task Force on Women at Northwestern that would collect the kinds of data we needed and would make recommendations for improving the status of women at the University. Its final report, presented in 1994, stresses the need for a permanent Committee on Women in the Academic Community that would maintain the data bases established by the Task Force and continue the process of monitoring, reporting on, and helping to improve the climate for women at the University.

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